Freelancer: Top 5 Freelancing sites for beginner


Freelancer working on Many kinds of freelancing websites around the world. Now I Shared the Top 5 Sites for Beginners.


According to the source, Wikipedia Fiverr starts its journey in February 2010 from Tel Aviv., Where people buy a service and freelancers sell their service to them. If you are a complete beginner and want to start from zero, I think Fiverr would be the best choice for you. Because service starts from US$5 and can go up to thousands of dollars. You can create 7 GIGs as a new seller, 10 GIGs for level1, 20 GIGs for level 2, and 30 GIGs for top-rated sellers. 


How to promote yourself on Fiverr:

  • Use your main keywords on your GIG title and description
  • Create eye catchily GIG thumbnail
  • Add a Sample of your previous works.
  • Ask to leave a review your satisfying customers
  • Build your community on social media with potential customers like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
  • Always be active on there and proactive with the clients.
  • Add soft skills to your profile.


Former oDesk and Elance are now Upwork. If you want to join there for sale service, your need skills in the work.  In my point of view, it is a SMRAT or organized freelance marketplace for complete beginners. When you create a profile and set your skills you will get the job request from the buyers. You can apply for bids on projects all over the world.

Two types of jobs available on Upwork:

Hourly Rate

Fixed Rate


In addition, you can create two specialized profiles with your general profile where you can showcase your service. In the portfolio section, for buyer’s trust, You can add multiple projects that are finished for your read buyers of practice.

Talent Badges on Upwork:

Rising talent-Stand out your profile ad strong potential

Top rated-small contact under $5k

Small contact under $5k

$1k earring in the least 1 year

Top rated plus 

$10 earning at least 1 year

Long-term contact over $5k

Expert vetted 

Technical proficiencies 

Interview by spares to Ensure soft skills

Up to 20 Unique different projects within a time frame and budget.


In this marketplace, you find tins of individual compounds and agencies that work. You can get hired by clients if you bid on a skills-required project. Sometimes many buyers ask to show your previous clits work in the case, You can show them your practice file maybe it can convince them.


4.People Per Hour

Meany work is available on this marketplace. You can Showcase your skills by creating projects like; Fiverr GIGs



Meany Freelancer working here. You can try it on and I’m sure you would be found some easy work that does not need any work experience. 


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